Angry boar chases Swedish cat lover

It was Saturday evening in Nyköping and Sara Andrén was out looking for her cat. Instead she ended up face to face with an altogether different sort of creature.

“I was searching for my cat in some bushes down near the water,” Andrén told The Local.

“I was just standing there whistling when I heard a rustling sound. At first I thought it was the cat but suddenly there was a wild boar standing in front of me.”

First the creature took a few steps forward. Then it stood a few metres away from the woman.

“I wasn’t sure what of the best way to react but I decided to start running. I took off down the street and the boar began running after me.

“I don’t know how far I ran but I kept going until I was completely out of breath. When I turned around the boar had given up the chase,” said Andrén.

Naturally enough, Andrén was surprised and scared when confronted with a wild animal in a town environment.

“I got a huge shock. It was big and disgusting and it sounded like a cross between a pig and wolf,” she said.

Wild boars are usually shy animals. Andrén reckons her pursuer must have felt threatened by her proximity to the bushes.

After the chase she enlisted the help of a friend to find her cat.

“He heard more grunting noises from the bushes, so there must have been at least one other boar there. They don’t usually travel alone,” said Andrén.

After her harrowing encounter she decided that a night on the town was out of the question.

“No, that was about as much excitement as I could handle on a Saturday night. I went home and locked the door behind me,” she said.