Swedish Weightlifter, 73, admits drug use

A 73-year-old Swedish weightlifter is to be suspended for two years for use of anabolic steroids. Leo Honkala, former manager of the national wrestling team, took the illegal substance while preparing for the European Championship for veterans in the Czech Republic.

“A few weeks before the European Championships I started taking Dianabol,” Honkala told Dala-Demokraten.

“I knew that it was illegal but I didn’t think I would get caught. It was extra tempting now that there is a class for over 70s at the European Championships, and I planned to be involved for the last time,” he added.

Honkala’s aim was to break the world record for his class.

Had he not received assistance from a young accomplice however he might never have mastered the technology needed to order the drug.

“A younger guy told me that it was possible to get Dianabol on the internet. So he helped me to order. I’m not really very good with computers,” said Honkala.

Honkala has been banned from athletic competition until October 2008.