Australia could deport ‘Swede’ after 32 years

A serial criminal who was born in Sweden but has spent all his life in Australia could be deported back to the country of his birth following a decision by the country's High Court.

The man, 32, has convictions for 87 offences. He was born in Sweden while his mother was on holiday here visiting family. While other members of his family have Australian citizenship, he has only a Swedish passport.

The man has not left Australia since he arrived there in 1974, at just 27 days old, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. He barely knows his Swedish relatives and speaks no Swedish.

The country’s immigration minister, Amanda Vanstone, revoked the man’s visa in 2004, citing his poor character. The Federal Court overturned her decision in April, saying among other things that the decision to deport “presumes that Australia can export its problems elsewhere.”

This decision has now been overturned by the country’s highest court, which said on Wednesday that the government’s original decision was valid.

There is no chance for the man to appeal the new decision, meaning that unless ministers have a last-minute change of heart, the man could be heading to Sweden in the very near future.