Father ‘filmed mother abusing daughter’

Court proceedings began yesterday for a Malmö-based mother and father accused of sexually abusing their daughter over a five year period from 2001 to 2006.

When police raided the couple’s home they found 50 photographs locked in a safe. The pictures have been classified as child pornography.

Police also found a pornographic film in which the parents discuss the incestuous abuse of their daughter, now aged ten.

The film, directed by the girl’s father in late 2003, shows the mother reacting to his instructions and subjecting their daughter to sexual acts.

The 42-year-old father is suspected of child rape. He is also charged with photographing and filming his daughter in sexual situations but has so far denied the charges.

“My understanding is that he is the main suspect, but he denies have committed any crime,” district prosecutor Jenny Olovsson told Sydsvenskan.

The girl’s mother, 34, is accused of sexual abuse.

“The mother says that she did not have any criminal intent,” said Olovsson.

The woman also claims not to remember anything of the events in question. But the court medical expert rejected the possibility that she may have even drugged.

The couple also have a second daughter who has not yet reached her first birthday.

In a separate case that opened in Helsingborg on Monday, a stepfather was accused of raping his daughter while the mother filmed the abuse.