Explosion during cash robbery

A secure cash delivery van operated by Securitas was robbed on Wednesday morning in southern Sweden. An explosion was heard during the robbery, at the Swedbank branch in Rydaholm, near Växjö.

Emergency services say that the robbers were armed and an explosion was heard during the raid, but nobody was inured. At least two men carried out the robbery, at about 9am on Wednesday.

Swedish Radio reports that the secure van, operated by Securitas, was blown up. Several masked and armed men carried out the raid, then disappeared in a stolen Volkswagen Golf towards Alvesta.

Securitas Värde’s CEO Johan Eriksson confirmed that it was one of his company’s vans that was blown up, also confirming that none of his staff were injured.

Stefan Carlsson, spokesman for Jönköping police, said it was unclear whether the robbers made away with any money.

Police alerted their colleagues in neighbouring counties, particularly Kronoberg County, to be on the look-out for the robbers’ get-away car. Road blocks have been put in place and a helicopter has been brought in to help track the gang.