Condoms boost online pharmacy sales

Swedish pharmaceutical retailer Apoteket has spared the blushes of many of its customers by making its products available online. Condoms, lubricants, hair growth products and pregnancy tests have all made it into the list of the company’s top ten bestselling online products.

Apoteket began its internet and telephone sales at the end of August. The initiative proved an immediate success. Already the company has received 50,000 internet orders and 44,000 via telephone.

“It is clear that many people see e-business as an alternative when they are hesitant to buy certain products in our shops.

“Another advantage for customers is that they can now visit the chemist all day round,” said Eva Fernvall, Apoteket’s marketing director.

Prescription medicines are also available online if the customer has first obtained an electronic ID from a bank or telecom company Telia.

Pharmacists are on hand to help those using the new service for the first time. Customers with subsequent queries can book an advisory session once a year, or ask for information when purchasing products via telephone.

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