Wave of cash robberies over Sweden

Two cash delivery vehicles have been robbed in different parts of Sweden, and a bank held up in the south of the country on Thursday. There is currently no suggestion that the raids were linked.

The first of Thursday’s attacks happened outside a bank in Rydaholm, near Växjö in southern Sweden. The robbers raided a secure cash delivery van operated by Securitas, apparently blowing the roof off the van with explosives.

Emergency services say that the robbers were armed and an explosion was heard during the raid, but nobody was inured. At least two men carried out the robbery, at about 9am on Wednesday.

Securitas spokesman Stefan Wikman said the robbers did not make away with anything. He added that even if they had taken cash, it would have been rendered unusable because the cash bags are equipped with a system that dyes the bank notes, rendering them invalid. Both guards were leaving the bank at the time of the attack, but were ordered back inside by the robbers.

Thursday’s second cash delivery attack happened in Hallunda, south-west of Stockholm, at lunchtime. The attackers fled the scene on a moped. Police spokeswoman Towe Hägg said the two robbers wore dark clothes and motorbike helmets. They threatened the lone guard with a pistol, and made away with money bags.

No shots were fired during the raid, and the guard was unharmed. The cash was on its way to or from the Svensk Kassaservice branch, police said. One of the robbers was sitting waiting on the moped while the robbery was carried out.

Police have launched a major search operation and are interviewing witnesses at the scene. Helicopters and dogs are helping with the search for the culprits.

In addition to the two raids on cash delivery vehicles, a bank in Billesholm, near Helsingborg in southern Sweden, was also raided at lunchtime on Thursday. The lone robber, wearing a motorbike helmet and with a scarf over his mouth, stole a large amount from the bank’s cash reserves before escaping on a motorbike.

No gun was used during the robbery, which was witnessed by several people. Nobody was harmed during the robbery. The man fled the scene in a northerly direction towards Norra Vram.