Patient: ‘I slit psychotherapist’s throat’

A 31-year-old man who murdered his psychotherapist this August appeared today in front of Halmstad district court. He told the court that he stabbed the woman repeatedly, kicked her in the head, before eventually slitting her throat.

The man told the court that he had long fantasized about killing the woman. In fact, he had planned to murder her earlier in the summer. Armed with three knives, he stood at her workplace waiting for her to arrive.

“I was in a rage when I went there to kill her. It was an incredible relief when she didn’t turn up and I was able to go home again,” he told the court.

On August 14 the man re-enacted the same scenario.

He brought his knives and waited for his psychotherapist to arrive at her workpace in central Halmstad. But this time he claims that his rage was supplanted by a feeling of emptiness.

As he murdered the woman he had the sense of standing by and watching events unfold.

“It felt like something took over and I wasn’t able to stop it,” he told the court.

The 50-year-old woman was stabbed approximately 60 times.

“I stabbed her and cut her,” the man told the court.

He then explained how he began kicking her in the head before finally slitting her throat.