Swedish astronaut serves up elk in space

Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang has decided to treat his fellow space travellers to dried elk meat, crispbread and gingerbread biscuits when they journey together to the International Space station next month.

Because space is no place for trashy snacks or fancy nouvelle cuisine, Fuglesang has worked with NASA’s dieticians to put together a wholesome package that meets the special needs of space travel.

The food should be spicy, since tastes are not as strong in space. And it should be possible to serve the food in plastic bags to avoid it floating away just as you are about to take a bite. Most foodstuffs served in space can be ingested through large straws.

But resourceful astronauts can eat a meaty stew with a spoon straight out of the bag.

“With the help of NASA’s dieticians I have put together a menu that contains all the necessary nutrients.

“Funnily enough, our food list now includes a type of yoghurt developed in Sweden – a space yoghurt” said Fuglesang.

The first Swede in space wants the other astronauts to experience a typical Swedish Christmas on their visit to the International Space Station. Apart from elk meat, crispbread and gingerbread, Fuglesang also has some raspberry jellies up his sleeve.

“It will be an unusual feeling to eat in a weightless environment,” said Fuglesang.

“But I am sure my colleagues will appreciate the Swedish elements.”