US giant eyes Absolut

With Sweden's centre-right government talking of selling out state-owned companies, American drinks producer Constellation Brands is casting interested glances at Vin & Sprit.

Constellation Brands aims to grow in Europe and is looking closely at Vin & Sprit and its bestselling brand Absolut Vodka.

“The Swedish market itself is one of those expansion markets so the wine and spirits distribution within Sweden … the brands distributed in Sweden … and brands like Absolut that are produced in Sweden certainly have an interest to us,” Constellation CEO Richard Sands told Reuters.

The chief executive adds that Vin & Sprit is just one of many possible acquiistions.

“The other ones aren’t as public,” said Sands.

Over the last three years Constellation has invested over 4 billion dollars in an international expansion that has included acquisitions in Australia, Mexico, Canada and the USA.