Swedes ‘most connected in Europe’

Swedish Internet access compares very well to that of other European countries, according to data released today by Eurostat.

The European statistics office looked at access to the Internet in the EU25, as well as Norway and Iceland, for the first quarter of 2006.

For the period in question Sweden recorded more regular Internet users, 80 per cent, than any other European country.

A full 77 per cent of households in Sweden have access to the Internet. Only the Netherlands and Denmark, 80 and 79 per cent respectively, have more homes hooked up to the net.

Finland pipped Sweden to third spot when it came to broadband connections. Again the Netherlands led the pack with 66 per cent of its population wired up to high speed connections. Sweden’s 51 per cent was enough for fourth position.

Latvia, at 80 per cent, had the lowest proportion of businesses with Internet access. The equivalent figure for Sweden was 96 per cent.

Swedes and Danes in the 55-74 age range are active Internet users, with 56 per cent of the older group spending time online. In Greece only 4 per cent of people in this age group used the Internet.

Across the European Union more men (51%) than women (43%) use the Internet regularly. The corresponding figures for Sweden were 84 per cent of man and 76 per cent of women.