ICA recalls mince over salmonella

Forty-nine ICA supermarkets around Sweden have sold minced beef contaminated with salmonella bacteria. The meat was imported from Ireland but has been packed in Västerås.

Niklas Warén, quality manager at ICA, has put out a warning to all customers who have bought the meat. The meat comes in 1.6 kilo packages and has a due-date of 17th November.

“We would like to encourage all customers to return the packages to the nearest ICA store,” Warén told Aftobladet.

It is still unclear where the meat was infected, but Warén insisted that the company has very strict hygiene and packaging procedures. The law says that all the meat should be tested for salmonella at least once but ICA tests it an additional three times. It was during the final test that the meat tested positive.

Warén was optimistic about the chances eliminating the risk of contamination.

“We have a control program for salmonella that will reduce the risks. In this case, we will contact our supplier and ask for a review in quality procedures,” says Warén.

Other ICA mince packages have not been contaminated.