Left Party governor took elk hunt bribe

Jämtland district court today convicted county governor Maggi Mikaelsson of accepting bribes. Kenneth Eriksson, president of forestry company SCA, was also convicted of bribery.

In September last year Maggi Mikaelsson, who in 2002 became the Left Party’s first ever county governor, was invited to take part in an elk hunt arranged by SCA. According to senior public prosecutor Christer van der Kvast, the hunt may have cleared the way for a decision to add five adult elks to SCA’s seasonal quota.

Mikaelsson and Eriksson have both pleaded innocent. Both parties claim that she was invited to the hunt in her capacity as landowner and chairman of the county agricultural society.

Mikaelsson has however admitted that she participated in the hunt without paying the state game fee.

“This verdict entails a clear change in the interpretation of the law. It is extraordinarily important that this is tested and further clarified,” wrote SCA’s chief executive Jan Åström, commenting on the court’s decision.

He also added that he fully expected the verdict to be appealed.