Governor takes time out after elk hunt conviction

Jämtlands county governor, Maggi Mikaelsson, has decided to take time out after she was convicted of taking bribes. The decision was made together with local government minister Mats Odell.

“Maggi Mikaelsson and I have discussed the situation that has arisen and decided that she will not go back to work until we have a final judgment,” said Odell to TT.

Jämtland’s district court convicted Mikaelsson, a Left Party member, of accepting bribes in a verdict delivered on Tuesday. Kenneth Andersson, president of forestry company SCA, was convicted of bribery.

Mikaelsson had been invited to take part in an elk hunt arranged by SCA in 2002. According to senior public prosecutor Christer van der Kvast, the hunt may have cleared the way for a decision to add five adult elks to SCA’s seasonal quota.

Odell has also stated that he thinks it will be hard for Mikaelsson to keep her post as county governor in the long run.

“Nothing like this has ever happened before. The situation is unique,” said Odell.

Uno Svaleryd from Östersunds county administrive board will replace Mikaelsson.