Man dies after Helsingborg ship rescue

Rescue services in Helsingborg were called upon this morning to help release two men trapped in a ship's hold.

The men were removed from the hold and taken to hospital. One of them, a Filipino crew member, was later pronounced dead.

The ship was docked at Helsingborg’s Western Harbour at the time of the accident. It is unclear whether the men had fallen into the cargo of fuel pellets or were working in the hold and ran out of oxygen.

“What we have heard is that the men were already in the hold. Rescue staff brought oxygen with them when they went down to get the men,” said police commander Lars-Olof Anderberg.

A total of six people were taken to hospital. One of the harbour’s Swedish stevedore’s was found unconscious, while two crew members and two ambulance staff were treated for minor injuries.

The ship’s crew members were in Helsingborg to unload fuel pellets for energy company Öresundskraft.

“They [the pellets] are made of wood. But maybe they can emit some sort of gas. We don’t know,” said Christer Olsson, Öresundkraft Produktion’s CEO.

Helsingborg Harbour’s CEO, Per-Olof Jansson, has heard that the accident did not involve a fall.

The crew members and the Swedish stevedore were working on different levels in the ship’s hold. The hold’s hatches were open at the time of the accident.

A colleague of the injured stevedore noticed that something was wrong and sounded the alarm. All work in the harbour came to an immediate halt

Police this morning began a technical investigation of the vessel, Saga Spray, which is owned by a Hong Kong cargo company.