Woman allowed on plane with knife bag

Airport security in Umeå, northern Sweden, let a passenger board an airplane with a bag full of knives, saw blades and other sharp tools.

The arts and crafts teacher, Ulla-Greta Rönnqvist, from a further education college in Vindeln was on her way to Tanzania, to meet some of her students.

The students, who were already in Tanzania, discovered that they had left some tools in Sweden and therefore asked the group that was coming with a later flight to bring the toolbox.

“I didn’t know what was in the box but I suspected it could be tools. I thought that the airport security would surely stop me if any of the tools inside were classified as weapons. But the security staff at the airport didn’t even look at the x-ray machine’s screen,” said Rönnqvist.

Karin Larsson Tängden, Umeå’s airport manager, said that they will review their security procedures.