‘Missing’ tsunami tapes reported to police

The Swedish government has called in the police over the apparent disappearance of tapes containing emails from government officials. The tapes could contain information relating to the former government's actions during the 2004 tsunami catastrophe.

The police report was made at lunchtime on Thursday to the National Police Board.

Johan Hirschfeldt, chairman of the Catastrophe Commission, charged with analysing the new material, said on Wednesday that of 154 tapes reported discovered in a basement safe in government offices in October, only 119 had been delivered to him.

However, the head of administration at government offices, Jan Landahl, said that he had no idea how many tapes there were from the beginning, saying he had heard only that there were “more than one hundred.

But on Thursday Landahl said that the possibility that tapes are missing cannot be ruled out.

“It can therefore not be ruled out that a crime has been committed, as the tapes contained secret information,” he said