Cannibal allowed out on day release

A 57-year old man who killed his girlfriend 27 years ago and ate her body parts is being allowed out on overnight release, despite doctors saying that he is still dangerous.

The man was convicted in 1979 of killing his partner. He cut up her body, dumped some parts in the harbour in Malmö and ate the rest with a glass of wine. He has now been granted an extra 24 hours release every week by the county administrative court and spends “several nights” in his apartment in Malmö, reports Sydsvenskan.

This is despite the fact that according to the latest ruling, the man is still sick and considered dangerous. He was diagnosed in 1980 with Schizophrenia and Aspergers Syndrome, a neurobiological disorder closely related to Autism, that affects mainly the patient’s communications skills.

The man’s doctor wrote in a opinion two years ago that he is fundamentally the same person he was when he committed the murder, despite the fact that he had acquired a “pleasant and polished surface.” The man lacks empathy, but is very intelligent, doctors say.

The man was 31-years old at the time he committed the murder. He was found guilty and put into institutional care. The police initially arrested the man on suspicion of theft. Hundreds of books belonging to his mother and Malmö public library were found in his apartment. But in a later visit to his apartment, police also uncovered packs of meat wrapped in fabric in his refrigerator, which later turned out to be human flesh.

The man confessed during questioning that he had killed his girlfriend. The reason he gave the police was that her “friendly manners” were tiresome.

He has many times during his treatment been granted parole. Around 1990, he studied for a while in Lund but the parole was later revoked when he was suspected of threatening another student.

The new decision means that while he will still spend most of his time at the institution, he will be a free man a couple of days every week, and will be allowed to stay in his Malmö apartment. He has been ordered to keep away from alcohol and strictly follow the doctor’s orders.

His doctors have said that the man has an extremely good memory and could easily kill a person twenty years after an insult.