Mild weather breaks autumn records

The temperature in Visby, on Gotland, reached 12.9 degrees centigrade on Friday - the warmest measured in the second half of November since records began in 1859.

And the unusually mild weather is set to remain across many parts of the country.

Despite a fierce cold snap at the beginning of November, the autumn has been wet and uncommonly warm in southern Sweden. But even parts of Norrland have been rather mild, according to meteorologist Sverker Hellström at SMHI.

Last November broke a series of records with an average daily temperature of around 10 degrees centigrade in southern Sweden. According to the meteorological definition, that made it ‘summer’.

“This year November as a whole has not been near such a record. We had that cold spell at the beginning of the month,” Hellström told TT.

Nevertheless, several weather records have been broken this autumn: in September Gothenburg’s average daily temperature reached 17.1 degrees centigrade, and in October Falsterbo averaged 13.1 degrees.

The trend is clear, say experts – autumn is becoming increasingly warm.

“You have to be careful about blaming individual weather incidents on climate change, but it’s obvious to point to the greenhouse effect as the cause of the mildest autumn we’ve had in recent years,” said Sverker Hellström.

According to forecasts the warm weather will hold for the next few days.

Several low pressure systems are on their way in from the west and the temperature is expected to remain higher, or much higher, than normal in southern Sweden.