Legal aid for Turkey ‘honour shooting’ victim

A Swedish citizen who was shot in Turkey in the summer and who at the time received no help from Sweden has now been told she will be supported by the Legal Aid Authority.

On Monday 19 year old Tugba Tunc’s Swedish lawyer will contact the prosecutor in Turkey to request that the case be reopened.

“I feel relieved, it’s very nice. Today is the first day that I’ve laughed in six months,” said Tugba to Svenska Dagbladet following the decision.

During her trip to Turkey last summer Tugba was shot four times after she had refused to marry a relative.

Despite the fact that she is a Swedish citizen and found herself in a position of danger, Tugba was given no help from the Swedish authorities.

She and her family now owe the Ministry of Foreign Affairs over 50,000 kronor for hospital costs in Turkey. Her family were also forced to pay another 30,000 kronor for the blood plasma Tugba needed when she was being treated.

Today Tugba uses a wheelchair and has scars over much of her body.

Legal aid issues are decided by a single official. The same man, Bengt Arnstam, who previously rejected Tugba’s request, has now changed his mind. He says that being able to judge the case as a whole has altered his view.

Tugba’s lawyer Elisabeth Fritz will now ask Swedish police to interview Tugba in Sweden.

“She has not been questioned on all the details yet. An interview with her is necessary to win the case,” said Fritz.