Pensioner climbs over roof to save neighbour

A 75 year old man has pulled off a daring rescue of his 86 year old neighbour after she fell over in her apartment in Kalmar and broke her hip.

Erland Ström went up a ladder, crept over the roof, broke open a window and climbed into the woman’s apartment, where he found her lying on the floor.

“But don’t call me a hero,” the former fireman said to Kvällsposten.

The elderly woman, Ulla, had fallen over at around 8am and had been lying there all day, unable to reach the telephone.

Instead, she kicked the floor and banged on a radiator in an attempt to call for help.

But not until the evening, when Erland Ström and his fiancée arrived at the house, did anyone hear Ulla’s appeal.

“We heard someone banging. We suspected it was up in Ulla’s place,” Erland told Kvällsposten.

The block’s caretaker was elsewhere and Ulla’s son was out of town, so Erland Ström rolled back the years and sprang up onto the roof.

“She said she never would have survived if she hadn’t been helped,” said Erland, who added that he and his fiancée would be keeping an extra close watch on Ulla from now on.

The Kalmar catman has been the centre of local media attention since the rescue, despite his old professional modesty.

“It was no big deal,” he said.