Bus runs amok in Gävle

An alert bus driver in Gävle, central Sweden, was commended on Sunday after his bus started spontaneously and ran amok around the town centre. The driver managed to steer it away from strollers and passengers waiting at bus stops before crashing it into a hedge.

There were no passengers in the bus at the time; the driver was getting ready to drive around Rådhustorget, a square in central Gävle, when the incident happened.

“The driver had a good sense of direction and was able to steer away from Rådhustorget,” said Peter Åsblom, traffic manager at bus operator Swebus.

According to police, it appears that the driver tried to slam on the brakes. When this did not work, he decided to steer the bus across Drottninggatan and across Rådhustorget to avoid oncoming traffic. Police say the driver was not under the influence of any substance. The incident seems to have been caused by a technical defect.

Swebus has taken three other buses of the same model out of traffic until further notice.