Paedophiles turn to new clinic

Dozens of people who fear that their sexual impulses could lead them to rape or abuse children have sought help at a clinic in Stockholm that opened earlier this year.

The sexual medicine clinic in Karolinska University Hospital opened six months ago, and since then around 1,000 people have sought help. Of these patients, around 40 have sought help for what they experienced as ‘abnormal sexual impulses’. Many are afraid that they could potentially pose a danger to others, particularly children.

The clinic is specialized in treating people with sexually unusual behaviour such as sexual addiction and obsessive-compulsive disorders related to sex. One of the aims is to try to reduce the number of rapes and paedophilia, by helping those who would otherwise commit these crimes if they not received any help.

Stefan Arver, chief doctor at the newly opened clinic, seems to be pleased with the achievements. He summarises the clinic’s activity as help for “the body and soul”.

“What is unique with our clinic is that we have a wide range of specialists working in one place. We have many speciality doctors, from psychotherapists, internal medicine, gynaecologists and psychologists, all very competent and willing to provide the best care and adapt to each patient’s needs,” says Stefan Arver, to The Local.

The clinic is open for anyone and even convicted paedophiles will be able to receive the help they need.