Student found murdered in apartment

A student was found dead on Sunday in his apartment in Kungshamra, north of Stockholm. The man, aged 33, had been dead for nearly two weeks when he was found, police say. His hands and legs were tied and he was lying in a pool of blood.

A man has been arrested in Gothenburg in connection with the crime, although reports that he has confessed are yet to be confirmed. Both the victim and the suspect have Russian connections.

Other students who lived in the same corridor as the victim told police that they hadn’t seen him for many days, Aftonbladet reports. They contacted the foundation for foreign students in Stockholm and a representative came and opened his apartment.

“We sensed an unpleasant smell coming from his apartment,” said one of the students to Aftonbladet.

The victim, who some reports say was a Swedish citizen with Russian roots, had been studying at Stockholm University. His corridor companions described him as a very reserved person; he never joined the others in the common kitchen. Many witnessed the meeting between the victim and another Russian and no one had seen him ever since.

A 26-year old man reported to be a German citizen, also with Russian roots, was arrested in Kortedala, Gothenburg, after approaching police to confess to the crime. Expressen reports that the man, who had visited the victim before the murder, told the police “I killed him,” in English.

“The suspect is deprived of his liberty and is aware that he is a suspect,” said prosecutor Henrik Söderman to Aftobladet. Prosecutors are not confirming that the man has confessed to the crime.