Car parks “should reserve spaces for women”

Reserved parking spaces for disabled drivers and families with small children are familiar frustrations for the rest of the car-owning population, but soon another, somewhat larger, group could be blessed with their own spaces: women.

The idea has been proposed by Liberal Party member of parliament Cecilia Wigström, who wants to see women-only spaces allocated near the entrances of car parks.

“I and many other women feel unsafe when we’re out alone in the dark – and at this time of the year that’s much of the day,” Wigström told The Local.

“I know that most violence against women happens in the home, but the point of this idea is to reduce women’s anxiety,” she said.

A similar scheme has already been introduced in Switzerland, and now Wigström is calling for a trial in her home town of Gothenburg. But what about other people who are likely to be exposed to violence, such as gay men – or even young men?

“Of course there are other groups who face threats – but women make up half the population and many are constantly anxious,” said Wigström.

“We should at least try this in Gothenburg. Politicians must take greater responsibility for improving safety.”

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