Wrong body cremated – again

Two dead bodies have been mixed up at Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge, resulting in the wrong one being cremated.

The funeral directors took away the body of a deceased woman and carried out the ceremony in which the body was cremated. Only when another woman’s body was due to be removed from the mortuary was the mistake discovered – it had already been removed.

“A terrible mistake,” said the manager of the mortuary, Magnus Söderberg, to Aftonbladet.

It is the third time in less than a year that bodies have been mixed up at the mortuary. First, the body of a 79 year old was mistakenly cremated and then in the summer a six month old baby was cremated instead of a four year old child.

“With the procedures we’ve introduced it shouldn’t be possible for this to happen. Now we’ll have to get to the bottom of it,” said Söderberg.

Under the new routines, staff from the mortuary should be present when the funeral organisers collect a body. Both should sign a document containing the personal details of the deceased.