‘Palme weapon’ contained live bullets

A weapon found on Monday, which police believe may be connected to the murder of Olof Palme, contained live ammunition when retrieved from a lake in Dalarna.

“We saw that there were cartridges in the revolver and there were bullets in some of them,” chief investigator Stig Edqvist told Expressen.

The type of bullet used in a robbery in Mockfjärd in 1983 was identical to on of the bullets that killed Olof Palme. But former chief investigator Lars Nylén considers it unlikely that the newly recovered ‘Mockfjärd weapon’ was used in the 1986 assassination.

“If the robbers say that they had a fully loaded magazine and they fired one shot inside the post office, and if it now turns out that the weapon contains five live cartridges and one empty case, then it is a sign that the weapon may have been lying in the lake since the robbery in autumn 1983,” Nylén told Expressen.

Police have conducted seven previous searches of the section of the lake where the weapon was found. And the current head of the Palme investigation is not convinced that the weapon was discarded in 1983.

“Our investigations were very thorough. We would not have missed the weapon if it was lying inside one of the sectors where we searched,” Stig Edqvist told Expressen.