Painkiller addiction kills two youngsters

Police are concerned about the use of highly addictive painkiller Tradolan among young people in Tierp, north of Stockholm.

The deaths of two 17-year old boys have been linked to the drug Expressen reports. Police say both boys hade high amounts of Tradolan in their bodies at the time of death.

The drug is a highly effective, morphine-like painkiller, and is highly addictive.

“Tradolan can provoke substance abuse issue on many patients and can cause overdose and even death. There is every reason to warn patients of that,” said Kenneth Olsson, narcotics coordinator at the police authority in Uppsala county.

According to Olsson, there are 10 to 20 young adults who are known to be highly addicted to the drug, but he suspects that the real number is even higher. The danger he says, is when people mix two or more substances, like butanediol, also known as GHB.