Aftonbladet wants Jämtin to lead party

Sweden’s largest newspaper, social democratic Aftonbladet, has called for Carin Jämtin to be made new leader of the Social Democrats.

The newspaper thinks Jämtin is the right person to lead a reform process following the recent election defeat.

Aftonbladet notes the former minister for development assistance was the only minister not tainted by the previous government’s poor handling of the tsunami catastrophe.

Despite being a central figure in the party, she is not viewed as being too close to the political leadership that lost the election.

At 42 years old Jämtin is also in a position to lead the party for many years to come.

“The relative stability and strength of the Social Democrats is to a large extent dependent on the continuity that results from a lengthy leadership period,” wrote Aftonbladet.

Carin Jämtin recently replaced Annika Billström as leader of the Social Democrats on Stockholm’s city council.

Former culture minister Leif Pagrotsky recently described Sweden’s largest party as likening a sect. Aftonbladet feels that change is needed to bring the party back to the people.

”Jämtin, with her reasonable and open approach, should be able to open the party up for dialogue with citizens, and hold discussions with people not attached to the party,” the newspaper wrote.