Gym members shocked by graphic sex pics

Popular Swedish health club Friskis&Svettis has angered some of its punters by publishing graphic photos of open air sex in the latest issue of its Friskispressen magazine.

“Finally sex pictures in Friskispressen!” wrote Editor Inga-Lis Grape.

But not everybody was quite so enthused.

“Some think that we have a lot of kids in Friskis&Svettis and wonder whether they should see these pictures,” Friskispressen’s Cecilia Saxer told The Local.

The pictures in question are 15 years old and the work of acclaimed photographer Walter Hirsch. They depict, for example, couples having penetrative sex on a secluded beach and in an open beach hut.

But what does aerobics training have to do with sex?

“There are many common denominators between training and sex. Purely physiological ones. Your blood circulation and metabolism improve, hormones come to life, and afterwards you feel fantastically peaceful and relaxed,” wrote Grape.

Cecilia Saxer reveals that the issue has provoked many reactions. Some people have said that “if they are reading porno they expect to see this”, while others have described the pictures as “disgusting”.

But on the whole reactions have been positive.

“We have had e-mails saying that the new number is great and that it is good that people get upset.

“Someone else wrote that it is refreshing to read about sex,” said Saxer.

Friskis&Svettis (the name translates as ‘Healthy and Sweaty’) has a total of 151 member organisations around the country. Staff in Uppsala and one other local branch were so taken aback by the pictures that they refused to have the magazine on their premises and returned their allocation.

Friskispressen does not intend doing another sex edition any time soon.

“No, because sex is passed. We’ve done it now,” said Saxer with a laugh.