German trucker arrest could solve Swedish murder case

Swedish police believe the arrest of a truck driver in Germany could help them solve a murder case that has been puzzling them for six years.

Pernilla Hellgren was murdered on her way home from a party in Falun, in Dalarna in central Sweden, on 4th June 2000.

The admission of a long-distance truck driver in Germany that he had killed five young women during his trips round Europe has now raised the hopes of police who for the past six years have been investigating the Hellgren case without results.

“I read about the driver in the paper and was interested by the German murders,” said Leif Nykvist of Dalarna Police.

“We are now going to request via Interpol a comparison of the driver’s DNA with the DNA traces we found on Pernilla Hellgren,” he said.

There are a number of similarities between the Hellgren murder and the murders of which the driver is so far suspected. All the women had been strangled and all had been found naked. In each case, the murderer had taken trophies from his victims.