Jilted husband chops off cat’s tail

A man whose wife left him after one month of marriage took his revenge by cutting off her cat's tail and posting it through her letterbox.

The man, aged 48 and from Arboga, 150 kilometres west of Stockholm, had been left alone in the marital home after a series of rows between the couple, Arboga Tidning reports. The woman went to stay with a friend nearby.

The man went round to the friend’s house and pleaded in vain with his wife to return. Two hours later came a thud on the doormat – her husband had detached her beloved feline’s tail and posted it through the letterbox.

The woman later returned home to find her tail-less cat. She took it to a vet for treatment.

The man, who will appear in court at the beginning of next year on animal cruelty charges, claims that he had no choice but to amputate the tail after it had become caught in a door. But when police searched the couple’s apartment they found a large carving knife covered in blood and cat hair.

The couple, who had only been married one month at the time of the attack, have now divorced.