Challenger takes over Moderates’ youth party

A 25 year old mathematics student has been elected chairman of the youth wing of the Moderate Party, the MUF.

After three hours of hearings for the two candidates, it was clear that the the challenger, Niklas Wykman, had earned enough votes in the closed election to defeat Mattias Thorsson, the electoral committee’s favoured candidate.

Wykman won with 63 votes to 49 and claimed not to be particularly surprised by the result.

“I saw the situation as equal, but felt that I had a small advantage because of my support in the districts around the country,” he told TT.

When prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt visited the MUF headquarters in Sollentuna on Friday, he urged members to criticise the party proper – as he did in his time.

After his victory, Wykman indicated that he would follow his leader’s advice.

“It’s our job to push them. A youth party should be pushing the mother party and that’s what we will do with all our might,” he said.

Wykman will now take time off from his studies at Stockholm University to focus on his political role.