Patient data chip to aid emergency care

A small chip worn in a necklace or carried around in a card format is to give Swedish healthcare personnel quick access to patients' medical records. The new method is about to be tested in Ulricehamn.

A common problem faced by medical workers is the time it takes to get important medical information from patients who are unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate.

The technology depends upon individuals adding details about themselves into a database at their health centre. The chip itself contains no medical details but acts as an ID key.

Tommy Andersson, the head of emergency care in Borås, which is participating in the trial, has high hopes:

“It’s primarily for patients whom we don’t know anything about, who perhaps come from another area. Then we can access information about them quite easily,” said Andersson to Swedish Radio’s Ekot programme.

The company behind the trial, First Aid Profile, has already signed agreements with a number of employers in Ulricehamn who are now inviting employees to sign up.

The Ulricehamn trial is expected to be fully underway within a few weeks.