Gym users flee drugs test

Around ten gym users at the Friskis & Svettis gym in Uppsala were seen leaving the club in a hurry on Tuesday athletics officials turned up to carry out random drug tests.

The testers from the Swedish Sports Confederation turned up on Tuesday to carry out spot tests on gym users at the Väderkvarnsgatan branch of Friskis & Svettis. The ten gym users were reported to have left “at great speed”, Uppsala Nya Tidning writes.

Friskis & Svettis, which is run as a not-for-profit organization, invites the Swedish Sports Confederation to carry out tests at its premises around the country. The testers always turn up without warning; staff and management are never warned in advance when a test is due to take place.

The aim of the tests is to prevent the use of drugs in athletics. So far this year, seven urine samples have been taken from gym users at the facility in Uppsala. Those who refuse to cooperate are banned from the gym for two years.

One user of the Uppsala gym was banned earlier this year after refusing to give a urine sample. None of those who disappeared from the gym on Tuesday was identified, meaning that they cannot be punished for not taking part in the test.