Few violent police lose jobs

Only four of 45 police officers convicted of violent crime in the past 13 years have lost their jobs, according to a survey by Göteborgs-Posten.

Since 1993, 92 police officers have been prosecuted for using violence while on duty. Of these, 45 have been convicted.

Of those convicted, six have been fired by the National Police Board, of which two got their jobs back following appeals to the labour court. This leaves only four police who have lost their jobs permanently after conviction.

Around 40 percent of those convicted police who remain in the force have since been promoted.

The paper said it was hard to secure the conviction of a police officer, even if excessive force is proven to have been used. It also claimed that a conviction rarely leads to serious consequences.

Courts often given soft sentences to police officers, taking account of the fact that they risk being fired, the paper says.