Ericsson axes 400 jobs

Swedish telecoms company Ericsson is to axe 400 jobs in the Stockholm and Gothenburg areas. Employees who take voluntary redundancy will be offered the chance to be rehired as freelance consultants for the company.

Ericsson employees who risk losing their jobs include staff in sales, marketing, production management and administration.

The re-hiring program will be operated by Ericsson and Right Management, a subsidiary of Manpower. The companies say the scheme will offer employees jobs that can be individually adaptable to their needs and knowledge. Those taking redundancy will also get 18-months’ salary. The only requirement for the compensation is that the employee has been at Ericsson for at least two years.

“This is a big number due to the big re-organisation that the company is going through,” said Göran Henriksson, personnel manager at Ericsson to news agency TT.

“This means that we will be able to offer very interesting projects to the former Ericsson employees. By working as a consultant at Manpower, one has the opportunity of evolving professionally and of creating a wide network on the job market,” said Lars Forseth, Manpower’s CEO.