Bergman lookalike sought to relive star’s wedding

The local folklore society in the northern Swedish town of Stöde is scouring the land for an Ingrid Bergman look-alike to help celebrate the 70th anniversary of the international film star’s wedding.

Late last week the society made public its intention to re-enact the 1937 wedding of Bergman and local lad Petter Aron Lindström. Society member Gertrud Svensson hopes that a stream of budding Ingrids comes trickling up to Stöde in good time for next summer’s festivities.

“We are searching for a girl who looks like Ingrid Bergman and who is planning to get married,” Svensson told The Local.

Ingrid Bergman was already an established film actress in Sweden when she married Lindström. After their daughter Pia was born Bergman’s career began to really take off and in 1938 the couple left Norrland for the hills of Hollywood.

The folklore society intends for next summer’s wedding to be an exact replica of the original.

“We are making a copy of the wedding dress now. The wedding reception will take place in the community hall using the very same porcelain as in 1937,” said Svensson.

So far just two girls have expressed an interest. One of them is said to resemble the iconic actress but is, rather inconveniently, already married. Now that news of the project has spread far and wide the folklore society is confident of finding a suitable Ingrid.

Bergman is perhaps most famous for her portrayal of Ilsa Lund in Casablanca. And the northern town is hoping that it can play host to ‘the beginning of a beautiful friendship’.

Whatever becomes of next summer’s newlyweds, they’ll always have Stöde.