Boy shot in head in Malmö

Police suspect that a 16-year-old boy found bleeding in a pedestrian tunnel in Malmö yesterday evening was the victim of an attempted murder.

At first it seemed the boy had been involved in a traffic accident. But ambulance staff quickly realised that the boy’s injuries were not the result of a collision.

Doctors at Malmö University Hospital who operated on the boy last night confirmed that he had been shot in the head, neck and shoulder. He also had head wounds resulting from a knife attack.

The boy was later taken to the neurosurgery division of Lund University Hospital to have a bullet removed from his skull.

“It was probably a light weapon, maybe an air gun. His injuries are serious however, though not life-threatening,” said police commander Claes-Göran Gunnarsson.

The boy spoke briefly with police yesterday evening.

“He told us he was knocked over by something. Then he blacked out and doesn’t remember any more,” said Gunnarsson.

Police are treating the incident as attempted murder.

“One would think that that somebody would have heard something but we have not heard from any witnesses yet,” said Gunnarsson.

The police commander has not yet discovered a motive for the crime but said that there did not appear to be any connection to local gang fighting.