Swede jailed for Thai prostitute killing

A former Swedish soldier has been convicted of killing a prostitute in Thailand and jailed for 5 years.

Kenneth Eriksson, was accused of assaulting a young prostitute, resulting in her death, in a hotel room in Pattaya, southeast of Bangkok, in February of 2005. The court found him guilty, convicting him of manslaughter.

Eriksson was originally sentenced to ten years for the crime, four months for overstaying in the country and four months for hiding the body. But the court reduced the sentence by fifty percent, taking into account that Eriksson pled guilty to the charges.

After the deadly assault, Eriksson hid the body in a trunk, which he later dumped on wasteland near the hotel. His actions were caught by the hotel’s surveillance camera.

Police launched a search for the Swede, but he later turned himself in. Eriksson has been in prison in Pattaya since the beginning of 2005.