School fruit fight sends teen girls to hospital

All hell broke loose in a Stockholm school cafeteria on Friday when a food fight led to five girls being hospitalised.

After the first clementine was thrown there was no turning back and soon a hundred or so students were involved in a mass brawl. The injured girls, all aged around 15, later received death threats and are now considering moving to another school, Expressen reports.

“They threatened us with knuckle-dusters and said they would kill us if we came back. I want to change school as quickly as possible,” one of the girls told Expressen.

The commotion lasted twenty minutes. The five girls wound up in Stockholm South General Hospital with minor injuries after the initial fruit fight degenerated into a full-scale cafeteria riot.

The girls are terrified that the same gang will strike again. On Monday a teacher at Eriksdalsskolan was given the task of watching over them to make sure nothing further happened to them. But since then they have stayed away.

One student expressed disappointment that the teachers did not do more to stop the fight.

“The vice principle put an arm around me to console me, while at the same time there was a boy there kicking me in the side. Some teachers just stood there watching,” the student told Expressen.

The incident has been reported to the police. Meanwhile the girls are being taught at a separate location as a temporary solution.

“My experience is that things like this settle down and that the students can stay on,” school principal Heléne Wallerstedt told Expressen.