Retrial ordered for Calle Jonsson

A Swede who was cleared of attempted murder by a Greek court must be retried, the country's Supreme Court has ruled.

Calle Jonsson, 23, was found not guilty in April last year of knifing holidaying Greek waiter Christoforos Serdaris on the island of Kos in 2001. Jonsson has always protested his innocence.

The news was received with shock by Jonsson, who told Dagens Nyheter through his mother Katarina Jonsson that he “almost can’t take any more.”

Jonsson’s lawyer, Leif Silbersky, said he was disturbed by the news.

“I haven’t see the transcript yet so it is hard for me to comment on the legal issues. But I find it hard to see that one can come to a conclusion that differs from that at the trial held two years ago.”

Silbersky said the prosecution accepted the not guilty verdict.

“That should indicate that it is not the prosecutor who acted to have the trial investigated, but the purported victim,” he said, adding that he had never seen another foreign case involving a Swedish citizen in which a retrial had been ordered in similar circumstances.

“There are lots of questions over this,” he said, adding that he would be speaking to Jonsson later in the day.

The Swedish Foreign Ministry described the development as “extremely surprising.”