Police questioning for ex-culture minister

Former Culture Minister Cecilia Stegö Chilò has been called in for police questioning over her failure to pay her television licence.

The wheels of the case were put in motion when Radiotjänst, the authority responsible for collecting TV licence payments, reported her to the police during her ten days as minister.

Stegö Chilò should have appeared at the police station on Wednesday but the officer investigating the matter was sick and the interview was postponed, reported Metro.

“The questioning will be carried out soon,” said Magnus Sallrot at west Stockholm police to the paper.

Shortly after she was named Culture Minister, Stegö Chilò admitted that she had not paid her TV licence for 16 years. Along with fellow ministers Tobias Billström and Maria Borelius, who also confessed to licence misdemeanours, she was reported to the police by Radiotjänst.

Stegö Chilò gave the police matter as one of the reasons for her resignation. She has since paid the 22,656 kronor bill.

“The debt to Radiotjänst has been sorted out. This is about an minor offence. I’m looking forward to getting the matter cleared up,” said Stegö Chilò to TT.