Stockholm police await CCTV decision

Sweden's biggest ever monitoring scheme in a public place could be introduced in the nightlife hotspots of Stureplan and Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm.

Police have applied to the county council for permission to use CCTV cameras with the intention of cutting crime in the areas by up to 50 percent, reported Svenska Dagbladet.

Ideally, say police, the cameras will deter people from committing crimes. But they will also play an important role in helping to identify troublemakers who escape before the police arrive at the scene.

Permission for similar monitoring has already been granted in Möllevångstorget in Malmö and Fristadstorget in Eskilstuna.

But the Stockholm project will be considerably larger.

The county council in Stockholm has taken its time over the application, demanding detailed information from the police, including how much crime is actually committed in Stureplan and Medborgarplatsen.

Along with Fridhemsplan and the Klara quarter of the city, these areas account for 40 percent of the crimes committed in the city centre.

The council’s decision is expected by December 13th.