Warmest December start for southern Sweden

While much of Sweden is usually gripped by freezing temperatures and heavy snow in December, the south of the country was enjoying its mildest start to the month since 1953, meteorologists told Swedish radio on Sunday.

“We have daily average temperatures of between six and nine degrees Celsius in many places in the south of the country. That’s five to eight degrees or more over the norm,” Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) meteorologist, Lars Knutsson, told Swedish Radio.

Stockholm reported on Friday a temperature of 11.1 degrees Celsius, the capital city’s highest December reading since the 12.2 degrees recorded in 1953.

Meanwhile, Sweden’s second city, Gothenburg, situated on the south west coast of the country, reported its warmest December temperature (11.0 degrees) since records began in 1859.

“The weather reminds me of early autumn rather than winter,” Knutsson said.

The mild weather was expected to continue into December.

Snow that had fallen in central areas of the Scandinavian country such as Dalarna, Gaevleborg and Medelpad had partly melted, Knutsson said.

Sweden’s three main cities – Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, all located in the south of the country – also enjoyed record mild average temperatures in September, October and November, according to SMHI.