Swedish sports leader guilty of child rape

A man in his 40s was convicted by Mölndal district court on Monday of a series of crimes including child rape. Passing judgement, the court appealed to the media not to overreact to the verdict.

The man was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison for having sex with a girl who is now 14, despite the fact that he knew she was underage. He was also ordered to pay the girl 130,000 kronor in compensation.

The man, who runs a sports team for young people, was also found guilty of sexually abusing another girl. He was ordered by the court to pay her 9,000 kronor in compensation.

Both the girls were members of a team led by the man and the case has prompted enormous concern in the area.

The judgement concluded with a request to the media for a low-key reaction to the verdict. Judge Klaus Bärthel wrote that by concurring, the media would be “giving the girls the support they need for their wounds to heal”.

“It is the innocent people who are worst affected by the situation. The more that is written in the papers, the more shame and guilt they feel,” said Bärthel to TT.