Social Democrats: Persson lost us the election

Former prime minister Göran Persson is to blame for the Social Democrats' poor result in September’s election, according to representatives from local party organisations.

In interviews for Swedish Television’s Aktuellt carried out by Info One, 290 people were asked who was to responsible for the defeat. 210 of them said that Persson bore some responsibility while 35 of them said that he bore the greatest responsibility, TT reported.

His biggest mistake was that he did not focus enough on unemployment during the campaign, they said.

Since the elections, Göran Persson has almost disappeared from the public view and is hardly seen on television. On Monday he was to be found moderating a farmer’s council meeting for Sörmland’s Sparbank.

“This has been my bank for 57 years and I am actually proud of it,” Göran Persson told Svenska Dagbladet.

Critics have accused Persson of adopting an anonymous position as the leader of the opposition, but he disagrees.

“The new alliance government has taken on that role itself. They have become their own opposition.”