Swedish animal park hunts missing wolf

A six-month old wolf cub has gone missing from an animal park in Skåne, in the south of Sweden. Despite an intense search by park workers in the one-hectare wolf enclosure, the cub has not been seen for over two weeks.

The police, district veterinarian and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency were informed about the missing cub and the animal park put out a message to the public.

Staffan Åkeby, the park’s manager, told The Local that it is likely that the cub is still in the park, but it could also have dug its way under the fence and escaped.

Even though park workers have inspected the area thoroughly, peering down holes and under rocks, there was still no trace of the cub.

The next step will be to order a remote-controlled camera so that workers can look even further down holes in the enclosure. The last resort would be to bring in a digger to overturn large rocks in the area.

“The cub is only six months old and not completely grown. Such a young wolf should not leave its flock. It is unclear whether it would survive if it managed to escape,” explained the park’s wolf guide Claes Björkman in a press release.

“We don’t think that the cub is dangerous.”