“Beautiful women” captured by Swedish passport control

Two customs workers have drawn the ire of police authorities for collecting passport photos of "exceptionally beautiful women".

The two men work at the Swedish port of Kapellskär. Whenever they caught sight of a particularly resplendent member of the opposite sex they got in the habit of saving a copy of her passport photo.

The images of 58 young women ended up getting stuck at the Swedish border. Their pictures were admired, copied and duly deposited in a folder labeled ‘Britney Tempel’.

The public prosecutor has ruled that there was nothing illegal about reserving a special folder for “exceptionally beautiful woman”. But it is certainly not the done thing and police authorities in Uppland now want the two passport officials to be issued a warning.

The men must have feared as much. As well as writing that only “exceptionally beautiful women” had a place in the folder and noting their dates of birth, the men also stipulated that security copies of the passport photos should be locked away in a safe place in case “some old bore” ever destroyed the contents of the folder.

Eventually the old bores struck in the form of management at the men’s place of work.

The two men have admitted stockpiling the pictures but argue they have not taken a squint at their collection of attractive young women for several years. It is uncertain whether this will have any bearing on their case.