Social Democrats “should move to the left”

Sweden's Social Democrats believe that the way back into power is to the left. That is the view of the chairmen of the party's local associations interviewed by research company Info One for AVT's Aktuellt programme.

A majority of the respondents, 56.2 percent, said that the party had lost out by working with the Green Party and the Left Party. The Green Party was the least popular, with 35.7 percent stating that the cooperation with the Greens had scuppered the Social Democrats’ chances at the last election.

The route back into government would require a change of course, said the associations’ chairmen. More than 75 percent said that it was very important or quite important for the party to thoroughly renew itself before the next election in 2010.

But unlike the Moderates, whose own rebirth as the ‘New Moderates’ meant a shift to the centre ground, the Social Democrats need to head left, according to the research.

More than half of those interviewed, 56.2 percent, reckon that the party needs to be more left-facing. In contrast, only 5.2 percent think that a shift to the right would help.

When the association chairmen were asked who should be the new leader after Göran Persson, the clear favourite was EU Commissioner Margot Wallström – who has repeatedly said that she is not interested in the role.